Tips For Introducing Cats

When you decide to bring a brand new cat to your home, is generally exciting for you and your household than it will be.   Even though cats are solitary in nature, most may come to accept or tolerate any additions.   Cats can be quite territorial, so which is the reason you need to be careful when you introduce a new cat to your cat.

The launch process can be short, lasting as low as 10-15 days if you are introducing kittens to another.   Adding cats to one another all depends on their character and their personality.   Whenever you introduce a new cat to your cat, you should always make sure that you give your cat plenty of love and attention.   This way, realize that heist in competition and your cat will probably really feel secure.

Whenever you bring your new cat home, you should let him stay in a secure room until you have finished introducing the cats.   Your room can be any room such as the bedroom or a bathroom.    The important thing here is by using a room that your cat does go in.   In the room, you need to leave your new cat a scratching post, bed, water dish, cat litter box, plus food dish.

At first, your cat could howl and hiss when he moves at the doorway, looking to tell the other cat that he doesn't belong.   While this occurs it should be ignored by you, as penalizing your kitty is only going to lead to problems.   After a time, the very first cat will begin to do something calm when he is close to the brand new case doorway.   You should pet him and give praise to him since he starts to do something calm.

Whenever your cat starts to proceed by your brand new cats doorway and doest howl or hiss; you can begin introducing them.   The best method would be to have them used to each other's odour.   You can begin allowing them to eat out of the food dish, even although you'll desire to feed them at distinct periods initially.   The odour of each cat, in this manner, will probably be there at the food dish, when he eats his food and each cat can find the odour.

You'll be able to begin to feed them, once both cats got used to the odour.   To try it, you need to keep your cat that is new with the door shut, and your cat on the other hand of this doorway with his food dish.   This moment, feed both cats at exactly the identical moment.   They should begin eating without any hissing or growling after doing so a couple times.   Now, they are prepared to be introduced to another.

A bit of growling and hissing is usually to be likely once you introduce them to each other in exactly the place.   Although they could possibly be used to each other's odour; your cat will feel somewhat awkward being inside their land.   You need to play with them both initially, therefore they can smell one another and greet.  Should they begin to struggle they should break up, and give them.

But they do they will become playmates for life, it could take some time to receive them used to another.   Cats love to be societal, although it might be a bit demanding at first, especially for your cat.   Cats can be quite territorial, especially in the event that you own a kitty.   If you buy them used to each other early on it both will be a great deal easier to put in cats to your house.


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